From the moment this idea was birthed, I stood firm in the notion that this would be a JUDGEMENT FREE, safe place. Please show me and our community the kindness and respect that we all deserve. It's not always an easy thing...putting yourself out there in such a raw, and exposing manner. I am "no-holds-barred", here at The Redefined Life, BUT my experiences are my own just as yours belong to you. We are not here to debate or battle in any way. We are all in this together so if your intention is to knock someone down with a response, please refrain. We build each other up here. There is no right or wrong, just authenticity. We are simply here in a genuine capacity to provide honest and inspiring material. We only ask that you please refrain from writing about your specific religious and political beliefs as our hope is to make this a space for every human being. For those of you affiliated with the military, we please ask that you use discretion about  personal and sensitive information including rank and always keep general OPSEC rules in mind. 

"Somewhere in between right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there."

Please adhere to the following guidelines if you choose to participate in any way with our content.  We reserve the right to remove any participation that does not fit into our guidelines.